Intelligent Lightning Control System
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Intelligent Lightning Control System


  • Streetlight is the most evenly distributed and largest resource in the city
  • Streetlight is the ideal carrier and entrance of smart city


AOD Intelligent lightning system can provide for stable and high-speed data link by optical network. It can realize street light real-time operation control and data collection, the GIS real-time faulty alert function will greatly improve the failure correction rate the system contains super WiFi hotspot and Intelligent 2.4GHz and 5GHz high speed dual-band antenna, which can support multi-users connection and seamless roaming to meet future requirements; the video module utilize 1080p PTZ control camera to realize street seamless monitoring, analyze street traffic situation, provide GPS navigation support. You can also choose environmental monitor function to check the noise monitoring and pollutant monitoring.


Smart Parking
Smart Agriculture


  • With UL DLC CE RoHS
  • Energy-efficient with motion sensor
  • Sensitive and a variety of applications
  • Remote control & Lux sensor & motion sensor
  • Sensor hidden in the lamps and appearance isn’t damaged
  • ON/OFF sensing control and 3 or 2 steps dimming control
  • Wider detection area 25m Max. and mounting height 2.5-15m
Steps Dimming Control Demonstration

With sufficient ambient light, the sensor does not switch on the lamp.

With insufficient ambient light, the sensor switches on the lamp when motion is detected.

After hold time, the sensor dims the lamp at a low light level if no new motion trigger.

After stand-by period, the sensor switches off the lamp is no motion is detected in its detection zone.

Special Application for Underground Parking

For general parking when the car close to the lamp will light up, such easy to cause the driver could not be instantly adapt to light shifting sharply and discomfort, however, focus on LED provide a perfect solution for such a detect, it can make the driver in the car at a distance of 10 meters off the lamps then light up automatically.

Widely Used
Direction Radius up to 13m, Diameter up to 25m

PLS Note:

  1. The installation of the distance between two lamps more than 4m.
  2. The product cannot be used in a small confined space, and adjustment according to actual use space induction distance gear, and the sensing direction there is no metal, glass objects such as blocking.